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PDF-XChange Viewer is a popular free PDF reader for Windows with additional features beyond basic viewing. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you:

PDF-XChange Viewer software chooses to lessen how many features to be able to get the utmost possible loading speed, while others are designed with several extra features but don’t disregard the speed factor. PDF-XChange-Viewer is one of the latter groups. PDF-XChange Viewer itself is free to utilize free of charge provided that you don’t distribute it for profit. For instance, making PDF-XChange Viewer a purchase bonus for a professional product.

PDF-XChange Viewer can save PDF pages as images in BMP, DCX, TGA, and other formats You can determine which pages you wish to convert to images. The page you are reading, every odd as well as page, or the whole page. You may even select pages by their number either sequentially or not. For instance, on pages 1 to page 5, or pages 6 and page 10.

Furthermore, you may also specify how each one of these pages ought to be converted by PDF-XChange-Viewer. There are numerous options provided, namely combining all pages into one image, combining each page range into a separate image (pages 1 – 5 into one image, pages 7 – 12 into one image), or converting each page into an image. separately (for example, 230 PDF pages are going to be transformed into 230 images).PDF-XChange-Viewer provides encryption features with AES 128-bit and 256-bit technology. Aside from being encrypted, documents can be protected with a password.

You will find two forms of passwords you can choose from. The initial is a code to lock the PDF document to ensure that only users who know the password can open it. Second, a code to lock the document such that it can’t be copied, printed, or edited.

Please observe that don’t assume all features of PDF-XChange-Viewer can be utilized for free. This software includes several premium features. Having said that, all those premium features are marked to ignore them. The 2 features discussed above are free. And another feature that is simply as free may be the annotations which permit you to affix various stamps, highlight important parts with a bold color or with a group, add arrows and lines and insert some small notes.

PDF-XChange-Viewer also contains a cover extension in its installation file. Its function is to show PDF covers as thumbnails in File Explorer. This way each PDF file may be identified directly simply by taking a look at the cover. To conclude, for people who would like a PDF reader that’s fast and lightweight but has several good features, then PDF-XChange-Viewer is probably the most suitable selection for your needs. Download the most recent and free PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer is a free PDF reader and editor that allows users to view, edit, and annotate PDF documents. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, with a range of features that make it a popular choice for users who need to work with PDF files. In this article, we will review PDF-XChange-Viewer’s features, pros, and cons.

PDF-XChange Viewer is a free PDF viewer and editor software developed by Tracker Software Products. It is designed to allow users to view, annotate, and edit PDF documents. Like any software, PDF-XChange Viewer has its own set of advantages and limitations. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of using PDF-XChange Viewer.

Pros of PDF-XChange Viewer

1. Advanced Annotation Tools

PDF-XChange Viewer offers a diverse range of annotation tools, enabling users to add comments, highlight text, insert shapes, and more. These advanced annotation features empower users to collaborate effectively on PDF documents, providing feedback, and making revisions with precision and clarity.

2. Customizable Interface

One of the standout features of PDF-XChange Viewer is its customizable interface, allowing users to tailor the layout and toolbars according to their preferences. With options to rearrange panels, adjust toolbars, and customize keyboard shortcuts, users can optimize their workflow and streamline navigation within the application.

3. Robust Security Features

PDF-XChange Viewer prioritizes document security, offering robust encryption and permission settings to safeguard sensitive information. Users can encrypt PDF files with passwords, control access permissions, and apply digital signatures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of their documents, enhancing security and compliance.

4. Efficient Navigation and Search

The software provides efficient navigation and search capabilities, allowing users to quickly locate specific content within large PDF documents. With features such as thumbnail previews, bookmarks, and advanced search functionality, users can navigate through complex documents effortlessly, saving time and improving productivity.

5. Lightweight and Fast Performance

PDF-XChange Viewer is renowned for its lightweight nature and fast performance, making it an ideal choice for users who require swift and responsive PDF viewing and editing capabilities. With its small installation footprint and optimized resource utilization, the software delivers smooth performance even on older hardware configurations, enhancing user experience and productivity.

Cons of PDF-XChange Viewer

1. Limited Editing Features

While PDF-XChange Viewer excels in viewing and annotating PDF documents, its editing capabilities are somewhat limited compared to dedicated PDF editing software. Users may encounter constraints when attempting to perform advanced editing tasks such as text manipulation, image editing, or form creation, necessitating the use of additional software for comprehensive PDF editing needs.

2. Proprietary File Format

PDF-XChange Viewer utilizes a proprietary file format for saving annotations and modifications, which may pose compatibility issues when sharing documents with users who do not have access to the same software. While the software supports exporting to standard PDF format, some advanced annotation features may not be fully preserved, limiting interoperability with other PDF viewers and editors.

3. Lack of Cloud Integration

PDF-XChange Viewer lacks native integration with cloud storage services, limiting users’ ability to seamlessly access and synchronize PDF documents across multiple devices and platforms. While manual file synchronization methods are available, they may not offer the same level of convenience and reliability as cloud-based solutions, compromising flexibility and mobility for users who require ubiquitous access to their documents.

4. User Interface Complexity

Despite its customizable interface, PDF-XChange Viewer may present a steep learning curve for novice users due to the sheer number of features and options available. Users who are not familiar with PDF editing terminology or industry standards may find it challenging to navigate through the application’s settings and preferences, potentially impacting their initial experience and productivity until they become proficient with the software.

5. Limited Support for Interactive Forms

PDF-XChange Viewer offers basic support for interactive forms, allowing users to fill out and submit PDF forms electronically. However, the software may lack some advanced features found in dedicated form-filling software, such as dynamic form fields, scripting support, or form data extraction capabilities. Users requiring comprehensive form-filling functionality may need to supplement PDF-XChange Viewer with additional tools or software solutions.

In summary, PDF-XChange Viewer is a lightweight and feature-rich PDF viewer and editor with strong annotation and editing tools. However, it is limited to Windows, has ceased active development, and may lack certain advanced features found in premium PDF editing software. Users should consider their specific PDF needs and whether they require a software that is actively maintained when choosing PDF-XChange Viewer.

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